Writing class & Scratch class

好消息 应家长们的需求,再开两个兴趣班,均由高中生义工授课,10节课为一期,学费共$50。

Writing class: 每周一下午5~6点,由Matthew Zoerb授课。

Scratch class: 每周日上午11~12点,由Larry Liu授课。


I am Larry Liu, and I am a Junior in High School.

I run the Andover Chapter of the World Computer Exchange program, and I am also the captain of the Andover High School Science Team and the Andover Computer Science Club.

I ran the Summer Scratch Course for the 2020 CCLS Summer Program, and I am interested in continuing the class since many of the parents and students were very interested in Scratch and Coding as a whole. I am willing to continue the class from the level which I left the kids off at, or I can restart and start reteaching Scratch from the beginning again. It’s up to what the kids want, and I look forward to meeting you all again!