Class Registration

  1. Please register your child for the corresponding classes for 2016-2017 school year. Fee includes both tuition and books and is for the entire school year. In rare occasion if you do not need books, please make a special note.
  2. Print out the confirmation page
  3. Pay to CCLS with check or cash in school or by mail. Please make check payable to CCLS, and write student name on check.
  4. Tuition refund policy: Refund will be issued per semester. For each semester, before the 2nd class -100%, before the 3rd – 75%, before 4th – 50% ; no tuition refund after the 4th
  5. Returned text books must be in new condition.
  6. One form for one child only.
  7. By registration, you agree to CCLS terms and policies 

    Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Register for Classes

PreK (4-5 years old) (李伟霞 Li, Wendy)
Kindergarten (方淯雯 Fang, Yuwen)
Grade 1 暨南中文 (张皓 Zhang, Hao)
Grade 2 暨南中文 (杨萌 Yang, Meng)
Level 3 马立平 (左琳琳 Zuo, Linlin)
Grade 4 暨南中文 (田毅 Tian, Yi)
Grade 5 暨南中文 (朱小凌 Zhu, XiaoLing)
Grade 6 暨南中文 (于涛 Yu, Grace)
Level 6 马立平 (周荃 Zhou, Quan)
Grade 7 暨南中文 (张宝琴 Zhang, Baoqin)
Grade 8 暨南中文 (罗玉新 Luo, Jenny)
Level 8 (马立平) (朴琳 Piao, Linda)
Grade 9 暨南中文 (张晔 Zhang Ye)

Register for Activities
Arts Drawing
Math Club

CCLS also offers Tai Chi, Yoga, Ballroom Dance, and ErHu. Please come to school to register in person.

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    1. Mingquan Zheng Post author

      School year 2015-2016 starts on September 11, 2015. Your son will be a good candidate for our PreK (4 years and up) class which introduces kids to Chinese language.

  1. Katherine

    Hi – I’m thinking about enrolling my 4-year old for the PreK class. Do the children need to know any Chinese before entering the program? Thanks.

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