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CCLS Participated in Chelmsford’s 4th of July Parade

It was the 50th anniversary of Chelmsford’s 4th of July celebration and parade this year, and as a yearly tradition CCLS took part in the parade and also for the very first time hosted a booth in the County Fair at Chelmsford Common. Thanks to the support from all students, teachers and parents involved, it was a great success and fun two days for everyone. Here are some highlights:

2015 CCLS Summer Outing

Another fun day and superb turnout in this year’s CCLS summer outing.  Over 120 people signed up for the event, and we could not have asked for better weather (barring from swimming in the pond 🙂  Thank you everyone for your participation and great help making this year’s CCLS Summer Classic a success!

CCLS flag and the famous Niu Rou Chuan

CCLS flag and the famous Niu Rou Chuan