From an admissions perspective, a strong academic profile alone is not enough to gain admission into highly selective colleges and universities. Applicants must convey to admissions committees a purposeful commitment to involvement and leadership outside the classroom. In this webinar you and your child will learn:

• Why extracurricular and summer activities matter to admissions officers
• How leadership is evaluated
• Common misconceptions when it comes to extracurricular activities
• Why admissions committees have re-evaluated the term “well-rounded”.

Speaker: Stephen Friedfeld was an Assistant Dean of admissions at Cornell for four years and an Associate Dean of graduate admissions at Princeton University for six years.

Session One: Webinar
2/24, 8pm EDT

Session Two: Consultation
Discuss your child’s academic background, interests, and goals with the AcceptU’s advisor. Learn AcceptU’s programs, fees & next steps.
2/22-25, 9am-5pm EDT, 15 minutes phone session